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Horizon Maintenance Manager

Horizon Maintenance Manager was created by a team of captains and engineers with a wealth of first-hand experience on vessels, including superyachts, cargo ships, Ro-Ro ferries

and passenger ferries.

It is simple to use, has cross platform support and shows each crew member a personalised dashboard of their tasks, schedules and services, notifying them which tasks are critical for the running of the vessel. And because it was created for crew, by crew, it avoids the pitfalls of traditional management software. Where other software may be time consuming to learn, Horizon Maintenance Manager’s intuitive technology is simple and easy to understand, getting you up and running in no time.

Let’s use an example!

Brian, the Chief Engineer and his team of engineers on board work to a planned maintenance system to avoid unplanned and avoidable machinery failures. To manage this, they use Horizon Maintenance Manager on the Engine room PC or tablet. Maintenance Manager automatically notifies Brian and his team when work is due.

Let’s use the Fire pump as an example; the engineers are notified that it is due for a monthly test. Upon testing they note there is a minor leak from the mechanical seal. They make the decision to replace the seal. The Maintenance Manager shows him the make, model, replacement schedule, previous maintenance reports on this part, how many spares are in storage and where to obtain more spares from.

The engineer replaces the mechanical seal, which automatically updates the inventory to show the engineering department, and the captain, that they have no more spares. Maintenance Manager flags this part as critical equipment and notifies the crew that the part needs to be ordered. This eliminates the risk of paper inventory records becoming out of date and leaving your vessel stranded without the required parts.

Brian receives a call for a progress update, his team both shoreside and on board can see the maintenance report on screen, along with all other vessel maintenance reports.

All of this can be done effortlessly online or offline with the inclusion of a physical server on board, making sure your documentation is always fully up to date.

Currently using another maintenance system? No problem – our expert team will transfer all vessel data to Horizon Maintenance Manager, minimising downtime, but maximising your control.

Horizon Maintenance Manager – Keeping your vessel management paperless, stress free and up to date - simply and affordably.

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