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Operational Management

Don’t you want to work with the best management team who will tailor their services to meet your every need?

Discreet & Reliable

The NMS team offers our yachts assistance and peace of mind with our flexible, discreet, and reliable attitude to operational support.

Our dedicated operational support team can assist your Captain with:

  • Booking berths

  • Fuel bunkering

  • Liaising with the captain to obtain quotes and arrange for the purchase and displacement of spares

  • Receiving, processing, and forwarding of crew and yacht mail

  • Appointing surveyors and technical consultants as necessary

  • Advising on any regulatory changes affecting the yacht’s operation

  • Advising on insurance policies and assisting with claims handling

  • Creating cruising itineraries

  • Changes to the yacht’s name

  • Changes to the ownership company, UBO or structure

  • Changing a yacht from private use and pleasure registration to charter and commercial registration

  • Change of the yachts’ flag or classification society

  • Access to Nautical MS fleet discounts for a range of products and services

  • Security, both onboard and ashore, in addition to ‘Vessel Overwatch’, where persons or high value items, such as artwork, can be monitored and tracked

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