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Refit Management

Doesn’t it sound like a great plan to have an expert management team on your side to help you plan your yacht’s refit and maintenance periods?

Careful planning

A yacht refit is a complex business. Without effective management, careful planning and ongoing evaluation; it’s something that can quickly go over budget and schedule.

NMS’ management division has the expertise and experience to act as an effective management partner for owners; ensuring the refit is efficient, economical, and involves the minimum of down time.

Our technical team have spent long careers across the marine sector and have excellent contacts across every marine trade. All have both a thoroughly practical appreciation of the refit process and the communication skills to deliver.

The NMS approach to refit takes starts with understanding exactly what you want. We will make a detailed plan, make an appraisal of suitable yards for the refit, provide detailed quotations, provide logistical assistance, and attend the refit on your behalf. You will always be kept informed.

We embrace even the most ambitious refit projects and enjoy seeing an owners vision come to fruition.

We look forward to discussing your refit.

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